The track details:
As you asked all tracks are at a beat frequency of 7.83, the Schumann resonance.

For the weightloss track I used a base frequency of 117.3Hz. This is associated with Pancreas. The pancreas has many important functions within the body, most importantly being food digestion and hormone release. This should help regulate digestion along with a well regimented schedule and create a healthy vibrant body.

General Health and hormones: This also has a base frequency of 117.72Hz but I also added another base freuency of 360Hz, both beating at the Schumann resonance.
360Hz is a very balanced frequncy, being a multiple of 9. Apparently the Earth creates a 360hz tone in space. This is a healthy frequency and create a feeling of well being and health. The 7.83 Shumann resonance should also help in the release of vital hormones.

Mental Clarity and Health: Almost any frequency will serve well in this regard and Schumann resonance being in the Alpha state will serve perfect in this regard. I placed the base frequency at 360Hz. Frequencies of Multiples of 10 are very good in helping remain alert and retain memory. As humans we have evolved to associate ourselves….
with certain patterns, and patterns of 10 have always been comfortable and attractive to us. This will reflect within our own bodies, and systems.

Improved relationships: For this track I used a base frequency of 639Hz. This sollfegio frequency is for creating connections and forming relationships. Said another way, “This ancient Solfeggio frequency enhances communication, understanding, tolerance and love.” It’s meant to create harmony, within oneself and that which around them.

Partner Finding: Here I used a base frequency of 221.23Hz. This frequency is associated with the orbit of Venus and it’s effects supports higher love energy and aspiration for harmony. Coupled with the Schumann resonance this should allow one to feel good within ones own body and find the love with which they seek.

Financial Breakthrough: Here I used two special base tones. 250Hz and 144.72Hz; 250Hz is a high energy frequency that will allow one to feel alive and energized to take on the world and it’s obstacles. 144.72Hz tone supports strength of will, focused energy o
iThiojjkoats about it!

Let me know if you have any questions. Feedback is always appreciated, as I am always seeking to improve my craft.


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