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How It Began

To understand my experience and from where I come, I have to explain everything from the beginning.

 I’m Kevin Montes

  ,and for as long as I can remember , deep down, I have always felt that there was much more to this world, than just existing.

 I got Born again 1977 and since then I felt there was some hidden secret that had been kept away from me , no Matter how hard I prayed or studied the Bible. When I got born again  i wanted to live the full life , the ZOE type of life, Life to its fullest.

 As it is written in the book of Isaiah 45:3 “I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel who summons you by your name”. A fullness beyond what the ordinary man sees, a fullness that I believed  was reserved for only the extremely spiritual whose access has been restricted to only these people. So for many years, I kept dreaming and hoping a person like me, random Kevin, could do what it takes, break into this caliber of person that the Lord  has taken to the secret place and the treasures of life would be at my feet








This  may sound like I am quoting from a motivational book, but secrets and intrigue are factors that makes life more interesting. Don’t you agree ? If it was truly a secret kept only for the extremely rich and famous, then that would explain why my life was the way it was back at the time. The book of Proverbs 2:4-5 “if you seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures, then you will understand the fear of the lord and find the knowledge of God”. Was I not been close to God enough? Will things change if I go closer to him? These and many more questions kept running through my mind, but the truth is, don’t we always look for justification in one way or another to back up our assertions? I always deep down felt i ws not GOOD enough, even though i knew this not to be true.

Let’s get back to my story

Having set myself on a mission, I began to devour every book on wealth, success, biographies I could lay my hands on. I devoured every book, cover to cover, I spent countless hours so that I could  make practical sense of what it really meant and if there was some sort of secret code that might have been placed in these books. 

After devouring these books, I still wasn’t any closer to discover my  desire,  than I was before I read these books. To my amazement, I was now further from the goal than I was before, I spent all my money on these books which had assured me success.

I literally tried everything and anything. 

  • Creating sticker notes and having them all around my apartment and car…didn’t work
  • Random scriptures on my computer screen
  • praise and worship playing in the background
  • no TV in the evening before i went to bed


“This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.”

I had to forge ahead in my search for  success the old-fashioned way. I had to work hard and follow the paths of those who understood and knew where they were headed. And you know what?
The method worked. I started making more progress that I had ever thought I could. It felt like I had gone back to the foot of the cross and all my sins were washed away. The greater the heights I attained, the more  the hungered for more, I never stopped, I kept searching for the transient holy grail, the final point. I knew it was somewhere out there but I had no idea of where it was.

Then, here I was, it finally happened, I discovered there really was an ultimate secret and it wasn’t where I had been looking.

 “music soothes the soul”. A simple phrase we’ve heard from time to time, but what does it actually mean? This answer serves as the key to the next phase of my journey. Knowing fully well how music can change a person’s mood from bad to good in seconds, even bringing back memories one hadn’t thought about in years. Its not a new phenomenon but the realization of this is only the beginning.  That’s how powerful songs can be.


I’ll say this, as simple as I can, music, specifically sound frequencies, have the power to alter the state of our emotions. Sounds can literally alter out thinking and how our mind works. This was the biggest moment. The one single thing any purposeful person has over every other person is their ability to think differently.

Entering Church and having Praise and Worship, I always felt so uplifted, so much stronger, then after the message was  preached, it would stay with me for days.





My quest was never about money or material things. It was on attaining peak performance and human optimization in all aspects of my life. Think about it ?, what aspect of your life do you feel needs improvement?



 Exploring the power of certain brain waves lies the key to sporadic change.

 Our brain is in a state of periodic flux of changing degrees of consciousness at any point during the day. Each state of consciousness is experienced intermittently but at different periods of the day, we tend to dwell more on these thoughts in a very specific state. For instance, during the day, we are in a Beta condition, which implies that we are wide awake. As the day shifts towards nightfall, we drift from Beta to Alpha, to Theta and to Delta and then we remain in each state for a period time. As I mentioned earlier, these states could have deep effect on us if we maximize them efficiently. Just as stated in the book of Proverbs 18:15 “an intelligent heart acquires knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge” and this knowledge IS what I was after.


Here’s further definition of each state for better understanding of how our systems helps.

  • Beta Waves: These brain waves are related to a heightened state of one’s level of swift preparedness and focused concentration. At a point when our mind is actively occupied in psychological activities, Beta would be the dominant brainwave here. A person engaged in an active discussion, having a business presentation, or playing soccer would be in a Beta state. Beta brainwave state corresponds to frequency of 12Hz-40Hz.
  • Alpha Waves: These brainwaves have lower frequencies compared Beta brainwaves. They denote a state of calm and relaxed psychological awareness. They are typically in a state associated with visualization, contemplation, tapping into deep level of creativity and problem solving.  The frequencies state ranges from 8Hz-12hz
  • Theta Waves: These brainwaves have slower frequency and also represent a state of thorough relaxation and meditation, stress relief, enhanced creativity, light sleep and dreaming. These brainwaves have been used to meditate for years. Findings have shown that a Theta meditation of thirty minutes a day can sensationally improve a person’s general health and condition. Another finding has shown that Theta meditation can cause a person’s need to want to sleep less. Theta has a lower frequency compared to Beta and Alpha at 4Hz-8Hz.
  • Delta Waves: These waves have the lowest frequency. They are a representation of deep and dreamless sleep. Despite occurring in deep sleep mode, there are possibilities to train oneself to be awake while attaining the Delta state to have an experience of a much deeper level of meditation and awareness. The wave has the lowest frequency of all the four types of waves ranging from 0Hz-4Hz.


What I found out in my quest for knowledge was a revolutionary of nature, scientific measured and guaranteed to work 100%

It wasn’t new…but completely by accident, I stumbled on a major breakthrough.

Just as I researched on the idea of maximizing sound to alter my own brain, I discovered sounds and frequencies can be controlled and improved further to have purpose and literally alter the way we think. I know it sounds crazy but it is true. 

Christians have worshiped/meditated with sounds for centuries.

 All one literally needs to do is create sounds and frequencies to adjust ones thinking. This isn’t a new idea.
The different beat creates a frequency that put folk into a  meditative state, in a state of deep Delta state. This means that they were conscious, the brain was duplicating the sensation and experience of deep REM sleep patterns.


Songs such as Gregorian chants, when sung by christian choir in the right acoustic auditorium, has the power to arouse the nood and promote healing in the body

This concept isn’t new. The term is known as “Binaural beats”. The concept has been in existence for more than a century with large number of people. Even some of the famous sounds paraded online are complete trash, because they do not recognize the power and the functionality of these sounds.

I tested almost all the paraded Binaural Beat Programs and honestly…they were all fake to be honest.

At specific points…one needs to take a stand and act.

I am sure you’ve seen them just as I have. These programs advertised online assuring heaven and earth if you listen to their sounds. I tried them, spent a fortune on the programs over the past couple of years. Literally everything from CDs, mails, to apps on my phone. I have tried all of them and just like I said earlier… they all sucked!

Why did they work as the opposite of what was promised? The answer…. Research. They lack quality research and data to develop something life changing. Instead of sitting back bitching and moaning about how terrible their products were, I knew I had to do something about this, and I did.

With my limited background in music and handling recording software, I configured what I believe to be a perfect frequency feedback mechanism. The result was a big-time failure. 

You see, when I  listened to my inner voice, it didn’t work. Why? The answer is simple, it was down to my lack of patience. The sound went too fast neither did I take into consideration how people respond to noise differently.

White noise, brown noise, pink noise, you’ve probably have heard it all. Basically, its that static sound that comes from of a television when you can’t find a active channel and everywhere is all white. The SHHHHHH sound.

Here’s the good news… for the first time ever, we are bringing science to the entire people.

We have been making use of MindClimb and so we have a thousand people across the globe. We are passing out the opportunity for the first time ever, an opportunity for the whole the world to lay their hands on MindClimb today. There’s no need to wait, the craziest part is that it so easy to download and listen to within 5 minutes from now. 

The big question here is…. How much does MindClimb cost?

While other programs end up costing so much after going through their sales strategies, we set out to be different. We had one goal, and it was to reach across to as many people as possible with our discovered ground-breaking innovation, all at a price of $197. 

Place an order now and get 50% discount and buy at $97

Once you make your order today, you be able be download MindClimb instantly and start enjoying the benefits.

Once your order has been placed, instantly, you’ll get all you need to get started. The real question is, what do you get in return?

  1. 30 minutes Mindclimb Track: A unique version of MindClimb that consist of a 30 minutes session 
  2. 60 minutes MindClimb Track:  A full version of MindClimb that consist of a 60 minutes session.

Why are there only two tracks? That’s a good question?

Here’s why…it is impossible to jump into brain entertainment. You have to gradually get yourself into the mood so your brain can properly assess and scale into the new dendritic connections that is being formed. 

You are to listen to only the 30 minutes track for the first 14 days. This helps you to get the best benefit of MindClimb. Afterwards, you can listen to the 30 minutes track for the remaining 14 days training period. You are provided with an option to continue with the 30 minutes program or move up to the second phase and listen to the 60 minutes session. When is the best time to listen? That completely up to you. While there are people who prefer to listen in the morning, there are also those who prefer to do so at the end of the day. It is advised you try both periods to determine which time works best for you.

Click to download MindClimb

Place your order right now, get an instant download and begin to enjoy the benefits.

Its an all to gain and nothing to lose situation once you place your order for MindClimb. Listen and watch the effect begin to manifest. The city of Rome wasn’t built in a single day, neither were the neuro connections in our brain built to instantaneously manifest. MindClimb will improve your thinking capacity and in turn help you to also become anew. 

All you have to do…

  • Click the button
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  • Once you order complete, download MindClimb
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